Online marketplace PublicSq offers employees "baby bonus" to counter woke corporations that want workers to abort their kids ✊
· Jun 21, 2023 ·

In the name of female "empowerment," bosses around the United States are telling women to kill their preborn babies so they can get back to work for their massive companies that don't want to undercut their bottom lines with yucky things like maternity leave.

Everyone seems to be celebrating this move to kill your kids for your career, which is why it's refreshing to see an alternative to these policies from the bowels of hell!

The company PublicSq has recently announced that instead of paying its employees time off or travel expenses to get an abortion, it will offer employees a bonus if they have a baby or adopt a child.

The company will give $5,000 to any employee that has a baby or adopts a child.

That's right: 5 G's to have a baby!

Imagine if we lived in a society that valued human life instead of calling murder empowerment as our birth rates fall to civilization-ending levels.

Oh, even better, PublicSq will give employees the $5,000 up front if they are adopting to help with the high adoption fees.

As someone who just had his fourth child, I can tell you that a chunk of change like that can be life-changing in helping your family during one of the most stressful times.

"We wanted to sing an opposite tune and say, let's actually put $5,000 behind any of our employees that were to have a baby, their spouses to have a baby, or they were to adopt, and this would be $5,000 after tax," [CEO Michael Seifert] explained. "They can use it as they please. Just as an awesome ‘thank you' for being a great team member and to empower their family to continue to grow."

Here's what Seifert told The Post Millennial:

Companies pushing for abortion in the name of 'women's healthcare' are not only immoral, they're liars. All they want is more productivity and if you as an employee have more kids, they're afraid they'll lose that productivity. They just want loyal robots, they don't want healthy expanding families.

Okay, now we come to the part where you ask me, "What the heck is PublicSq?"

I've been hearing their name pop up in conservative circles the past few months, so I actually downloaded their phone app a few weeks ago.

"Yes Joel, but what do they DO?"

Simple: They sell you stuff from companies that aren't woke, don't hate you, and don't want to trans your kids.

Here's one of the companies on there with a guy you may recognize.

I'll be honest, I haven't shopped on the app yet, but the next time I need clothes or sunglasses or books, I'll look there first. Imagine being able to buy stuff without your money going to woke business sharks that hate you and want to destroy everything you hold dear!

What I found really cool (and I'm really not shilling, I'm just discovering this app as I type), is that PublicSq has a map with non-woke businesses around you using your home zip code.

So far, the businesses I've found include hairstylists, technology, insurance, realty, bakers, woodworkers, and more. Unlike a lot of conservative apps that have a sparsely-populated landscape, PublicSq has dozens of businesses listed within a 30-min drive of my house, which is great.

Here's Seifert talking more about the company if you want more info:

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