Ontario authorities suggest suspending licenses of thieves to solve carjacking crisis
ยท May 15, 2024 ยท NottheBee.com

In Ontario, Canada, a car is stolen every 14 minutes.

Every 14 minutes!

And that's down from every 6 minutes in 2023!!

Even the justice minister's government-issued Toyota Highlander was stolen โ€” Three Times!

And since Ontario's low fines and light probation sentences don't seem to be ending the trend, they're adding stiff new penalties to the Ontario Highway Traffic Act.

Steal a car in Ontario now, and you might lose your driver's license.

(No, really that's the stiff new penalty.)

When asked whether this will be an effective deterrent given how many car thieves do not have valid drivers' licences, [Transportation Minister Prabmeet] Sarkaria said the province must do what it can to send a "strong message to people" that government is taking this issue seriously.

Let's get this straight: Car thieves, who don't care about laws and don't carry their licenses with them while committing grand theft auto, could lose their driver's licenses for up to 10 years for their first conviction, 20 years on their second conviction, and for good on their third conviction.

Can you imagine it? A carjacker who would dare drive a car illegally???

I do feel bad for the general citizenry of Canada.

Even if it's possible that they are legitimately electing politicians that come up with this nonsense, it's just a form of self harm at this point.

Someone needs to schedule an intervention for our northern neighbors.

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