Otters are "mysteriously" attacking people in Alaska so I guess they are are finally launching their long-awaited revolution
· Sep 29, 2021 ·

It's common knowledge that some animals are well-poised to mount a revolution and overthrow humanity as the dominant species on this planet—chimps, dolphins, bullet ants. But who among us picked otters? Whoever that guy is, he's probably pretty proud of himself right now:

Residents of Alaska's largest city often contend with bears and moose, but state officials are warning of another wild animal that has been causing problems: river otters. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game says river otters have attacked people and pets in some of the city's most popular outdoor areas.

Officials are asking people to be extra careful when they are around rivers, creeks and lakes along the city's greenbelt.

Yeah, that's how it starts. And you know this is how it ends:

Just remember: If you encounter an otter, they like fish. Little fish they can hold in their cute little paws. Best carry around a couple of tins of anchovies at all times, just to be safe.

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