A cabal of woke corporations held a meeting this weekend to plot destroying your life if you support voter ID laws. Happy Monday!
· Apr 12, 2021 · NottheBee.com

I'll cut straight to the chase:

Yep, that's right. After Coca-Cola, MLB, and United decided to enter politics over Georgia's new voting law, a hundred other corporate leaders met this weekend to cancel anyone who presumably believes conservative things or likes fair elections.

Here was a snapshot of the meeting (probably):

Fact: Georgia's law is not racist.

What is racist is the belief that people of color can't figure out how to get an ID like the rest of the planet.

I have a feeling the business sharks know that deep down.

So why are they fighting this so hard?

"Leaders from dozens of companies such as Delta, American, United, Starbucks, Target, LinkedIn, Levi Strauss and Boston Consulting Group, along with Atlanta Falcons team owner Arthur Blank, were included on the call, according to people who listened...

The discussion - scheduled to last one hour but going 10 minutes longer - was led at times by Kenneth Chenault, the former chief executive of American Express, and Kenneth Frazier, the chief executive of Merck, who told the executives that it was important to keep fighting what they viewed as discriminatory laws on voting."

I'm glad to know which companies to avoid from now on. These companies hate me. They despise me. They call me a racist and a bigot. I'm happy to spend my cash elsewhere.

They want to ally with the communist left? Fine, let them learn what happens when capitalists play Marxist games. Lenin liked to have peasants shot for trading goods, after all.

The calls for these companies to stay out of politics has seemingly only invigorated these executives' wokeness. They plan to double down post-haste:

"Mike Ward, vice president of the Civic Alliance, a nonpartisan group of businesses focused on voter engagement, said there was a broad consensus at the end of the call that company leaders plan to continue working against voting bills they think are restrictive - 'to lean into this, not lean away from this.'"

Could you imagine if companies actually took a stand like this against China, Iran, or any other despotic regime?

They're all hypocrites, but as long as they stay powerful and rich, what do they care?

While they're planning to go woke and go broke, you might want to put on your thinking cap.

There may soon be tens of millions of new customers looking for soft drink companies, airlines, and banks that don't hate their guts.

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