WATCH: Over 100,000 people take over London streets to protest Israel's military response to Hamas terror attack. Let's talk about the historical irony here.
· Oct 28, 2023 ·

Crazy stuff:

Now for a history lesson in IRONY.

Britain was the one that caused this mess after they were assigned to oversee the region following the fall of the Ottoman Empire in WWI. The League of Nations chose the name "Palestine" in 1920 because it was the name given to the region by the Roman Empire. It means "Land of the Philistines" - you know, Israel's historic enemy throughout the Old Testament. The Philistines historically occupied Gaza, a name found in the Bible (go read the account of Samson). The Bible notes that their ancestors, the Caphtorites, were the ones who pillaged the Avvites who lived on the coast and settled in Gaza. The Romans used the term to refer to the whole region of Israel, including Judea, Samaria, and Galilee, after it destroyed the Jewish temple in 70 AD.

No one in the region called themselves "Palestinians." It was a collection of towns and nomadic Bedouin tribes that roamed the Transjordan for the last two millennia. When the nation of Israel was re-formed at the end of the British mandate in 1947, however, the newly-created Arab neighbor states didn't accept their fellow Arabs living next to Israel, but decided to use them in a proxy war with the Jews. Thus the "Palestinian" identity was reborn to Arabs with no historical connection to the name.

Decades later in 2023, good ol' Britain, who oversaw the region's whole transition from Ottoman Empire to modern nation states, has allowed millions of Muslim Arab migrants to move into its nation, where they are taking over the streets and calling for the end of the Israeli state that Britain played the predominant role in creating (the only way to "free" Palestine is to erase Israel, in case the "from the river to the sea" chants didn't give it away).


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