Pelosi just proposed banning gendered terms like "father, mother, son, daughter" in the House. Aaaand she has "mother" and "grandmother" in her Twitter bio.

Jan 2nd

Queen Nancy the Hypocritical is at it again!

The Royal High Speaker of the House just oversaw the creation of new House rules banning "gendered" family terms like "father, mother, son, daughter" in order to be more "inclusive."

In their place they will require such dumb words as "Parent, child, sibling, parent's sibling."

To force everyone to be as wOkE as they are.

Yeah welllll here's a screen shot of Pelosi's Twitter profile. Notice anything weird?

UGH! So non-inclusive. So binary. So cisnormative. So problematic.

How long do you think until she changes it?


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