Pennsylvania Republicans just deep-sixed a proposed gun control bill by turning it into a universal concealed carry law πŸ˜‚
Β· Jun 21, 2022 Β·

Give some serious respect to the Republican state reps in Pennsylvania who not only absolutely beat down a proposed state gun control law but did it in the funniest way imaginable:

State House Republicans blocked a proposal to prevent those ages 18 to 21 from possessing assault-style rifles on Tuesday by completely changing the bill into a constitutional amendment to allow anyone to carry concealed guns.

It was the second week in a row that Republicans in the Judiciary Committee used their majority to defeat Democratic proposals to address the country's gun violence plague.

That kind of move deserves long, slow, sustained applause, complete with a standing ovation.

Democrats in the state legislature, meanwhile, are getting very desperate:

Democrats have turned to discharge resolutions, a parliamentary maneuver, in an effort to get gun violence bills out of Judiciary, where Chairman Rob Kauffman, R-Franklin, has prevented them from advancing.

Last week, the committee voted to ask the speaker to send four other gun bills to another committee, effectively stopping action on proposals regarding safe gun storage, an assault weapons ban, a red flag bill and a measure to give local governments power to enact their own protections.

You do gotta feel for themβ€”they're really trying everything they can.

But you can laugh at them too. Laughing at them is better in this case.

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