People are saying Brady’s Super Bowl win is racist because it’s Black History Month.

Feb 9th

I have to hand it to social justice warriors – it takes a massive amount of mental energy to constantly find hatred, oppression, and racism in everyone and everything.

This week, said warriors set their sights on Tom Brady, trying their darndest to puzzle out why the Buccaneers winning the Super Bowl was actually rAciSt.

Here were the thoughts of Kamala Harris' niece. Such a uNifYiNg fam:

There was also this very loGiCaL syllogism that proved beyond doubt that Brady is a rAciSt because he supports Trump and Trump is a rAciSt:

How many of these people were trolls and how many were genuine? I have no freaking idea, and that's what's so disturbing.

Fact 1: No, an athlete winning the Super Bowl is not racist.

Fact 2: Seeing a championship exclusively through the lens of race is.

You may continue on with your day now.


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