Lots of people have actually been naming their pets "Fauci" and "Covid" over the past two years 🤦
· Nov 30, 2021 · NottheBee.com

Most people just want to be done with this pandemic—to move on and forget it ever happened. Yet others apparently want to be reminded of it every single day for a long time:

Rover.com, the app and website that connects users with pet-care services, has released its ninth annual report on the year's most popular pet names, which include those inspired by the Covid-19 pandemic -- and of course, celebrities. Soaring pet adoption rates, combined with extra time spent at home, led to some fascinating pet name trends, according to Kate Jaffe, director of brand marketing at Rover.com...

This year, Covid-inspired names were on the rise -- dogs named Zoom were up 443%, while the name Fauci rose 270%. Home tech-inspired names such as Siri went up 131% and Google went up 63%.

Uhhherrrr okay, so, a lot of people apparently want to use their pets to commemorate (a) the absolute worst parts of the COVID crisis, and (b) the miserable technocracy that is slowly taking over every facet of our lives.

And did we just forget now about that whole Fauci-approved puppy torture thing??

Pro tip: If you get a dog, go with one of the classic names: "Buddy," maybe, or "Shadow." Shadow's a good one.

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