People On The Left Are Really Saying That The Trucker Convoy In Canada Is A Nazi Movement Because "Honk" Starts With The Letter H Just Like Hitler
· Feb 7, 2022 ·

I promise you, this is not The Babylon Bee.

Lefties are so insane that they are trying to tell people that the Canadian trucker convoy is made up of literal Nazis because "Honk Honk" starts with two Hs just like Heil Hitler.

I am not making this up.

Yep. Truckers who drive big trucks, which are known for their loud horns, are protesting using their horns.

And people on social media who are supporting the convoy have used the hashtag "Honk Honk", you know because that's what trucks do.

And these loonies on the left, and "disinformation" experts want you to believe that all these people are Nazis.

It's a very loud dog whistle.

Or, you know, it's just a very loud truckhorn!

You absolute ding-dong!

Their basis for arguing this is that they saw something about this on 4Chan. Which is the whole reason that the "OK" symbol is now considered racist as well.

They're falling for literal internet trollery.

Big scary trucks are honking their horns and this is just like HITLER!

What absolute clowns.

Meanwhile, this black reporter can't seem to find a single neo-Nazi anywhere... strange!

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