These pet fish accidentally used their owner’s credit card to add funds to a Nintendo eShop account. Here's how they did it.
· · Jan 24, 2023 ·

You can't make this stuff up. A gang of cyber-criminal pet fish used their owner's credit card on a live stream to add funds to his Nintendo eShop account. Their owner was out of the house when it happened.

Just how did these malevolent mackerels pull off the heist?

Elementary, my dear Walleye!

Japanese Youtuber "Mutekimaru Channel" has been running experiments with his pet fish to see how long it takes a group of fish to get through the entire Pokémon Scarlet and Violet game unassisted.

The fish recently completed Pokémon Saphire in about 3,195 hours (a human being can do it in 30 hours).

The way it works is that Mutekimaru uses a motion capture camera to track the movement of the fish and overlays that motion on a Nintendo Switch.

The random pressing of buttons moves the fish through menus and gameplay and eventually lead the fish to the end of the game.

However, one day when Mutekimaru was away, the Switch crashed and rebooted, giving the criminal cods the opportunity they were waiting for.

First they changed Mutekimaru's avatar and changed his account name from "Mutekimaru" to "ROWAWAWAWA¥," which must be their gang name.

They added 500 Yen (about $4) to his account, and tried to access his Paypal but could not complete that heist because they did not have access to Mutekimaru's email to confirm the identity theft.

Then they downloaded the N64 emulator but in the end they floundered a bit, and accidentally shut down the Switch before grabbing a copy of Golden Eye, which I'm sure was the real goal of the whole endeavor.

Mutekimaru managed to get everything set right when he got home. Nintendo even refunded his 500 yen when he called and explained that his felonious fish had stolen his credit card.

I would have loved to have been on that call.


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