PetSmart is now selling Pride merch so I guess we know why pets were getting monkeypox
Jun 1, 2023 繚

Heyyo fur mommies and daddies, if you take your pets to PetSmart, there's a good chance they are totally being groomed there, cuz check this out:

Yup, no joke, a pet store is selling 2SLGBTQI+ merchandise for your pets during pride month.


Sorry, I'll stop with the grooming stuff. I just think it's hilarious.

Some social media users recently aimed their ire at PetSmart for boasting about its all-new "You Are Loved" collection of 2023 Pride-themed clothing, toys and other items for pet owners' four-legged friends.

The collection, unveiled just ahead of June's Pride Month, includes rainbow-hued items such as dog bikinis, butterfly cat leashes and reptile cape costumes.

From PetSmart's website:

We proudly support the LBGTQ+ community with a $200,000 donation to GLSEN簧. Celebrate the spirit of Pride with your pet!

Yeah, and you guys were all confused last year when all these pets started getting monkeypox. Well, now you know why.

Here's some of that merch for ya:

I'm sorry, but this is just laughable. Like, I'm thoroughly enjoying this.

I don't have pets, so I have no reason to boycott PetSmart, but you go right ahead. I'll just be over here giggling at the idea of a dog in a bikini. Side note: I sure hope that's a male dog in the bikini, or else this whole Pride thing is over to me.


Okay, I think that's enough of that.

Go about your day knowing that a flippin pet care company is celebrating gay stuff.

And if that doesn't tell you you're living in a dystopian sci-fi comedy, then I don't know what will.

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