Pfizer CEO: "Every year you will have to go and get your annual shot for Covid"
· Mar 1, 2021 ·

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla says their Rona vaccine is 95% effective ... but despite that they're undergoing studies focused on giving people a yearly "booster" dose.

Indeed, as SARS-CoV-2 changes, the vaccines may have to be tweaked. The Food and Drug Administration issued guidance Monday saying vaccine manufacturers may be able to ease away from lengthy clinical trials to prove safety and effectiveness for vaccines that have been tweaked to account for variants.

That's not unlike how the flu shot changes from year to year, accounting for the strains most likely to infect people.

"Every year, you need to go to get your flu vaccine," Bourla said. "It's going to be the same with Covid. In a year, you will have to go and get your annual shot for Covid to be protected."

That suggests that even when the pandemic ends, Covid-19 may be here to stay.

I love how a brand new yearly jab is just gingerly rolled out there like it's nbd and the pharma companies don't have humungous monetary incentives to make such a thing happen.

It's like a one-time sell vs. a yearly subscription. Dude's not exactly subtle with his language either ... "You will have to."

Why is this guy talking about it like it's a done deal while this is the first I am hearing about it?

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