Pilot's GoPro captures heart-stopping emergency landing on North Carolina freeway
· Jul 9, 2022 · NottheBee.com

Imagine this is you, flying around above the Smoky Mountains just enjoying the heck out of your day, when all of the sudden the engine fails.

Your beautiful day just grew grim and now it's GO-TIME. Find a place to land and do the job.

For this Marine and his father-in-law copilot, it was nothing.



It looks like the single-engine plane might have made contact with those initial cars there, but he most certainly did not. Neither did he touch those power lines.

In a post on Facebook, Swain County Sheriff Curtis Cochran had nothing but praise for the pilot, who successfully navigated the small aircraft around not just cars driving on a hilly North Carolina Highway 74, but also power lines, which, if hit, could have sparked a dangerous situation.

"There were so many things that could have been catastrophic but they didn't happen," Cochran wrote.

Yeah, I bet when he initially started his descent, he didn't expect the road to curve like that.

Though, when you're in the Smoky Mountains it's kinda hard to come by a road that doesn't curve.

Super impressed by this maneuvering!

Vincent Fraser, you're my hero!

After repairs were made to the aircraft, Fraser was cleared and took off from the same stretch of highway 74.

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