Please enjoy this moment where Just Stop Oil protesters get lambasted by a gent who understands the supply chain ๐Ÿ˜‚
ยท Nov 20, 2023 ยท

British personality Danny Shine is known for using a megaphone to blurt out random thoughts to passersby on futility and hypocrisy - styled in the poignant, sophisticated manner in which Brits insult one another, of course.

This week, it seems he decided to point out the ironic stupidity of the Just Stop Oil folks and I couldn't have written a better sitcom scene if I tried!

Within the first five minutes of waking up, you interact with dozens of products that only exist because they are made by and with oil. Anything with plastic, including polyester in your clothes, is made from oil. All of your electronics are only possible thanks to oil. All of your medicine and medical facilities require a constant flood of supplies and infrastructure built by oil.

The reason you have food from thousands of miles away in your kitchen's magic cooling machine is because of oil. Wind and solar aren't powering the factories in SE Asia, or powering the tanker ships, or powering the million of semi trucks that ensure that star fruit from Thailand, curry from India, avocados from Mexico, and wine from France make it to your Walmart in Nowhere, USA for a few measly bucks!

So climate protesters, the next time you put on your shirt made with oil, grab a banana shipped to you by oil, head out the door to navigate streets and streetlights made with oil, pass a police officer who has tools to protect you thanks to oil, and head down to film your protest on your phone made with oil and then send it across a vast global communication network built and powered by oil...

... You might want to think about what the implications of "Just Stop Oil" are.

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