Please let the record indicate clearly that Barack Hussein Obama is terrible at basketball.

Nov 2nd

I am hearing a lot of seal claps because Barack Hussein O. drained a three-pointer in front of a camera over the weekend.

The ugly shot even got accolades on this here website, somehow.

Lest anyone think that Obama is a good basketball player, I had to peck out this post to remind you that, no, he is actually an atrocious basketball player and athlete in general, as anyone with discerning eyeballs and a modicum of sports in their background should be able to tell you after viewing that video.

Should I say it? I will say it:

He shoots like a woman.

That shot was pure luck. And maybe it was his 9th attempt, who knows? He was so excited about it too. C'mon Barry.

I would now like to draw your attention to this longer video of Barack O. shooting hoops when he was a bit of a younger man, so, one would assume, more athletic:

See? No flukes there. Just enough bricks to build a school and enough air to fly an attack drone.

How much of that video can you even watch before you cringe so hard you fall over in your chair?

Oh and just to drive the point home, here's the man trying to throw a baseball:

He actually fist-pumped after that abomination! 😂

I trust that the record is now clear. Thank you.

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