Pro-life activist Lila Rose dropped truth bombs about sex and marriage on alpha bros and OnlyFan feminists when she went on the "Whatever" podcast ๐Ÿ’ฃ๐Ÿ’ฅ
ยท May 15, 2023 ยท

Usually, the Whatever podcast is a forum for the "based" Alpha-male types to talk to a bunch of feminists and OnlyFans models and shame them for their lack of knowledge and behaviors.

However, on occasion, it does feature an interesting guest.

This time, Live Action's Lila Grace Rose went on the show and spit some absolute FIRE into the conversation.

Here are some highlights:

This clip in particular went viral because it flipped the podcast on its head. Usually, the men are shaming the women, making fun of the women, and generally being rude to them because of their immoral behavior.

But the men on this show are often just as promiscuous and badly behaved as the women. So Lila straight up put this man in his place.

You love to see it.

These other clips are instructive as well.

Instead of shaming these women and making fun of them, Lila tries to reach them with sympathy.

She tells her story and how she learned the proper understanding of sex and the Christian beliefs of relationships.

These women are OnlyFans models โ€“ women who live sexually "liberated" lifestyles. But Lila doesn't talk down to them like many of the men on the show do. And she offers them hope.

But that doesn't mean she's unwilling to go based and deliver some hard truth when it needs to be heard:

She takes on the idea that multiple partners is normal. She takes on the pornification of sex. She takes on the normalization of violence.

The women may disagree but they're going to hear the truth.

Lila Grace Rose truly embodied her middle name when she entered into this lion's den. Hopefully, the truth she shared makes its way to the people watching.

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