Professors canceled class and the Women's Center hosted a "Healing Circle" because de-transitioner Chloe Cole was speaking on Utah's campus
· Dec 2, 2023 ·

I regret to inform you that the situation around speech on college campuses has not improved.

Chloe Cole, a vocal de-transitioner who we've covered numerous times on the site, spoke at the University of Utah last night and the lefties and feminists on campus were NOT having it!

In response to a detransitioner telling the truth about transgenderism, the WOMEN'S CENTER at Utah held a "healing circle" complete with all sorts of demonic offerings like tarot card readings.

Who knew the Women's Center at Utah hated real women this much?

Also, according to YAF, professors at Utah were deeply triggered by the event:

Multiple professors at the University of Utah have called off classes for the day ahead of this evening's Young America's Foundation campus lecture featuring Chloe Cole, a leading voice in the Conservative Movement's push against the Left's gender ideology. The emails seem to imply that the content of Chloe's speech will create an unsafe environment on campus.

"This week, our campus is hosting a presentation by a prominent anti-trans activist," one professor's email reads. The professor goes on to declare that Chloe, who underwent a "gender reassignment" herself before realizing her grave mistake, is "transphobic," and that students shouldn't feel pressured to come to campus due to safety concerns.

Chloe Cole had her breasts removed, AS A MINOR, and regrets it.

Why is this a scary thing for the left? Is it because it kind of shows their entire worldview to be bull?

You can watch Chloe's entire speech on YAF's YouTube. Despite promises of "Armed Queers" (yes, really) taking over the event, it seems to have gone off without a hitch.

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