Progressives are so desperate to keep sexually explicit material in classrooms that they're comparing Muslims to Adolf Hitler for wanting to keep it out
· Oct 20, 2022 ·

Let's check and see how American progressives are doing these days — oh, dear, not too well, huh?


More than 600 people gathered in a Dearborn middle school auditorium Thursday night, cheering, booing and, for the most part, talking past each other in the latest battle of the book ban wars that have spread across Michigan. ...

Many in the largely-Muslim crowd who took three-minute turns at a microphone in front of the Dearborn Public Schools board spoke passionately about protecting their children from what they portrayed as "filth," "pornography" and affronts to their religious faith in books that were, until recently, available to high school students.

Others, many of whom were teachers, parents or who identified as part of the local LGBTQ community, spoke just as passionately about creating an inclusive, safe environment for LGBTQ students and offering books that open the minds of students to stories and people different from themselves.

Well, it's true that these materials will certainly "open the minds" of the students who read them. Here are some examples [explicit content warning]:

In a nutshell, this is what Dearborn's progressive vanguard wants young students to be reading:

I gotta say, between fighting this filth and being accused of Nazism by woke white Karens, I'd say Dearborn's Muslim parents are probably gonna win this one!

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