Project Veritas releases part two of Pfizer report where exec admits the vax affects menstrual cycles
· · Feb 3, 2023 ·

Guess what?

All the conspiracy theorists and vaccine-hesitant people were right, again!

Remember early on when women were claiming that the vaccine was affecting their menstrual cycles and doing something weird hormonally to their bodies? And remember how you were told it was a conspiracy theory?

Anyways, here's that Pfizer Exec who Project Veritas exposed talking about "Directed Evolution" admitting that Pfizer totally knows that the vaccines mess with women's cycles. He just doesn't know why.

Let's see here, Pfizer releases new mRNA technology in a vaccine, they know it causes dangerous side effects and they don't know why, yet they are STILL pumping the jab out like there is no tomorrow.

I'll have to admit it, the old lefties were right, Big Pharma is just plain evil. There's no two ways about it.

There's something irregular about their menstrual cycles, so we'll have to investigate that down the line.

You'll get to that later, huh?

After you and the Faucis of the world have lied to women, told them the jab was completely harmless for YEARS, and now you're like "we'll have to investigate that at some point."

Yeah, or if the entire next generation's super f***** up, could you imagine the scandal? Oh, my God. I mean I would take Pfizer off my résumé.

Let's see, hundreds of millions of women whose reproductive systems are completely messed up for life. The worst consequence?

This dude would have to take Pfizer off his résumé.

What a tragedy.


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