Robin DiAngelo's new book bombs with 3500 copies sold in first week and that's still too many
· Jul 13, 2021 ·

Robin "Race-Baiter" DiAngelo's new book is still being called an NYT bestseller even though it frickin' FLOPPED.

Don't let her last name fool you. DiAngelo is most certainly NOT writing on the side of angels (at least not the good ones).

As much as it brings me unspeakable joy to read this DeMonico book tanked, it actually is surprising to me it's not selling well.

Just look at the title: "Nice Racism: How Progressive White People Perpetuate Racial Harm." I mean, what kind of a Leftist isn't going to buy that?

It might be that some moments in the book are massive turn-offs, perhaps even to those on DiAngelo's side.

For example, in the new book, she likens the situation of Martin Luther King, Jr. to her (our) situation now concerning racism. Isn't that like "cultural appropriation" or something, by the way?

She also calls the attendees of her own workshops racist. Yeah, maybe her audience is just tired of being repeatedly called racist, at this point.

But if her first book was apparently the best thing since sliced bread, why is this one struggling to sell?

DiAngelo wrote "White Fragility," which sold over 218,000 copies last year (over a million all-time), which adds to my confusion as to why it isn't showing the same kind of success.

She's running the same kind of grift as Ibram X. Kendi, who doesn't even know how to define racism, even though he's the heir apparent of the AnTi-RaCiSt throne. And DiAngelo's scam is just as wack.

But hey! Maybe DiAngelo is playing the long game. After all, "White Fragility" was released in 2018 but saw great success in 2020 after George Floyd's death. Her newest book could be a late-bloomer, too.

Perhaps she's just waiting for another tragic event to be used by our Leftist leaders to kindle a fire of division. And then that's when scammers like Robin DiAngelo will pounce to rob people blind with this demonic teaching.

(Yes, all the puns are intended).

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