Rapper Lil Nas X comes out with limited edition "Satan Shoes" that include a drop of human blood because apparently that's something people do now.
· · Mar 27, 2021 · NottheBee.com

Okay, so, subtlety is not his strong suit. (Click here for the original tweet if you feel so compelled. I'm using an image so I could blot out the particularly demonic parts.)

While the shoes are based on Nike Air Max '97 athletic shoes, Nike, the company that found a Betsy Ross flag potentially triggering, is not directly associated with the production of this particular limited edition.

As one commenter joked on Reddit,

I think there's already enough Human Blood that goes into making Nikes.

It is instead a joint venture between Lil Nas X and a company called MSCHF which produces viral products and otherwise traffics in stunts.

MSCHF, a group of 10 offbeat creatives based in a small office in Brooklyn, is responsible for creating:

Some of the group's self-proclaimed "drops" are simply socially shareable stunts. But others feature physical products (like Jesus shoes) that actually make money.

Their target clients appear to be younger people every bit as desperate as they are to find meaning and relevance in ephemera.

The shoes themselves are cynical in a manipulative, meta kind of way. They have red liquid in the sole which contains the drop of human blood, and are embroidered with red stitching. They are limited to 666 pairs (of course), include a bronze pentagram, and have "Luke 10:18" stitched on the side referencing the passage,

"I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven."

Okay, then. Eeeevil Satan shoes. Got it.

How evil? Even the pricing is evil:

$1,018 a pair.

Did I mention I thought these products are designed for younger people every bit as desperate as they are to find meaning and relevance in ephemera? I meant to add, "and who have rich parents."

The launch of the sneakers this coming Monday follows closely on the heels of the release of Lil Nas X's latest video, Montero. I won't embed it here and I'm not even sure how to explain it on a family site. Let's just say it involves Lil Nas X, Satan, a, um, pole, and a great deal of intimacy, like Grammy/WAP levels of intimacy.

By the way, Lil Nas X considers his target audience to be children. Did I mention that? I feel like I should have mentioned that.

Yes, he's the one who brought the world "Old Town Road" that every kid sang for an entire year.

He published a children's book last year and put on the first-ever in-game concert broadcast on Roblox, an online gaming platform popular among... yep, children.

So, to sum up,

  • Satan shoes.
  • Satan sex.
  • Children!


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