Read on as thoroughly-based black man Adam B. Coleman unleashes pure 🔥🔥 on virtue-signaling leftists and their white savior syndrome

Nov 24th

This is a genuine pre-Thanksgiving palate cleanser if there ever was one.

I grow tired of people using black people like a political football, throwing us from one cause to another to manufacture outrage for policy change & to appear virtuous. You people are our villains pretending to be our saviors.

A language warning here on out if you click through (I will use edited screen captures going forward).

Let's just say Colemen is a little bit ticked off, and he has every right to be. While this has long been one of my pet peeves as well, it helps to hear the perspective of one of the targets, or victims, of the woke Left's insatiable and narcissistic need to center themselves in every issue and every conversation.

Did I say a little bit ticked off?

Since the verdict of Kyle Rittenhouse, there has been an abundance of people, especially white leftists, who feel the need to invoke black people because they don't like the way things turned out. If you are this person...


We see this all the time, as does Coleman, and he's had quite enough of it.

I normally don't speak this harshly but you people always grab microphones to speak for black people as if you are our saviors. You believe you're these virtuous heavenly soldiers here to save us weak black people, when you're the exact devil we don't need.

You are our villains. Let me say this again, you are our [flowerbedding] villains. You are the type of people who record themselves giving homeless people $20 so you can try to trick people into believing you're a good person. God knows what you really are. He can't be swindled.

True enough, but theirs is a different god, one made in their own image and not the other way around.

Every time you people stand up for "black people", you're not helping. You constantly interfere by manufacturing narratives that are unproductive for many black people...

As Coleman understands all too well, their objective is not to manufacture narratives that are productive for black people. Their object is to manufacture narratives that are productive for themselves.

...and you constantly group us together like we are monolithic beings.

He's being kind here. I won't. Grouping people together like they are monolithic beings – that is, assuming all people of a given race act and think alike – is the very definition of racist.

Case in point:

The fact that you think you NEED to carry signs and wear T-Shirts letting us know that you think our lives matter is the problem. You're not convincing anyone else but yourselves.

That's because they are their own intended audience. Those signs and T-shirts are not for black people, they are for other white people the better to congratulate themselves for their enlightened state.

Coleman understands that too, of course, and he's not pulling a single punch.

You people are selfish, manipulative elitists and every time you attempt to use black people as a manipulative tool to get something you want politically, I will be sure to call you out.

Unlike corporate media, Big Tech, and Hollywood A-listers, Coleman is the one "speaking truth to power."

We do not need saving, you do. We do not need your help but you sure as hell need some help. Quit transferring your insecurities onto a group of people. And quit using black people for your political motives & your Twitter clap backs because it only displays your low character.

When he says, "We do not need saving, you do," I believe he means that in both the secular and biblical sense.

And he's right. If there is one consistent thread all the way from Bob Woodsen to Melissa Tate it's that black people in America don't need a white savior. They need the left to get out of the way and stop "helping" them with their destructive policies, and constant victimizing and infantilizing them to further their own ends.

The Twitter thread is worth it for the comments, most of which were positive (at least early on), but he made it available here as a short essay (language warning holds) should you want to share it for some Thanksgiving family fun!


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