🚨 Red Wave Update: Hop in here and check out the latest news from New York, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and more!
· Nov 1, 2022 · NottheBee.com

Guys, there's a red wave coming and the newest updates from all across the country point to one of the biggest midterm swings in recent history.

One week out from election day, let's take a look around the country to see where Republicans could end up.

If you ever doubted the possibility of a red flipping tsunami you need to pay attention to what's happening in New York.

A new Trafalgar poll, which has an A- rating from the lefty 538 blog, shows that the New York governor's race is in a dead heat with Zeldin pulling ahead.

This is New York we're talking about. Not a purple state like Virginia.

New York may be getting a Republican governor for the first time in decades.

If the Democrats lose NEW YORK of all places this is going to be a red wave the likes of which we've never seen in our lifetimes.

Moving west from New York, this latest news from Pennsylvania is very interesting.

In the Oz and Fetterman race, a major West PA newspaper has endorsed the Republican candidate, mostly because Fetterman is an obvious fraud.

That's big news for TV star and Republican candidate Mehmet Oz who is in a tight race with radical leftist John Fetterman.

Moving to the midwest, Tudor Dixon is moving within striking distance of Oberführer Gretchen von Whitmer, with some polls showing the race tied for the governorship of Michigan.

In Georgia, Herschel Walker is making moves in the right direction and in a tight one with Raphael Warnock for Senate. However, incumbent Governor Brian Kemp is currently DEMOLISHING pretend incumbent Stacey Abrams and it's likely he will be able to drag Walker across the finish line.

Out west, in a crucial Senate race to flip a Senate seat from blue to red, Blake Masters is running slightly behind incumbent Mark Kelly. However, breaking news out of Arizona might change momentum.

That's likely a 1 point shift in favor of Blake Masters.

Speaking of Arizona, nearly all of the recent polls show our new favorite Republican Kari Lake winning the governor's race against Democrat Katie Hobbs. It's very possible Lake will be able to pull Masters across the finish line as well.

Polls in Nevada, Harry Reid country, are showing the Senate and governor's races both could go to Republicans. This would be a huge win for Republicans.

In the absolute SHOCKER category, we have Oregon, where the Republican candidate Christine Drazan is leading in ALL of the recent polls in a 3-way race. She would be the first Republican governor of Oregon in 40 years.

Even in Washington state, the Republican senate candidate, Tiffany Smiley, looks to have a fighting chance.

Then we have the races in Ohio, Wisconsin, and Florida, which now all seem like EASY Republican victories.

It seems likely that Republicans could end up with 52 seats in the Senate, and perhaps as many as 54 or 55 if everything swings right on election day.

None of this is given: Republicans have got to get out and vote in big numbers.

But I have to say, it sure looks like a red tsunami is incoming.


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