Remember the cop who trolled LeBron? He was suspended without pay, but 'Murica has donated more than $100k to his family and he wants to pay it forward
· Apr 29, 2021 ·

Idaho Officer Nate Silvester went viral last week for rightly and justly calling out LeBron for his violent rhetoric toward police:

A few days later, he was suspended without pay.

I won't waste space opining on the absolute obtuseness of whichever clowns discharged this hero of a man.

HR policy be darned, in my humble-but-rather-correct opinion, the dude did a valuable service to this nation by calling out LeBron (who most certainly won't lose a penny for his incendiary comments).

Instead, let me point you to the fact that 'Murica has given this man and his family more than $100k in the last few days to provide for them:

"It's been so humbling just to see just how people actually do love our law enforcement officers. The donations, the emails, the phone calls, the private messages that have come in – it's been so great."

Silvester said he's going to use the growing momentum to push back against the vilification of officers by the media:

"We have a voice now, and we've learned that. And we're gonna use it to stand up for law enforcement officers all over this country. We're not going to tolerate being attacked or bullied or vilified in the media anymore. We have to have each other's back and that's what we're going to do."


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