Remington is following Smith & Wesson out of the Northeast by shutting down a plant that's been open since 1828. I wonder why?
· Dec 7, 2023 ·

Remington is shutting down their historic New York factory and dropped this video to explain why:

Did you hear that?

(They were nice about it.)

Something about the "legislative environment"?

New York Republican Elise Stefanik put it more bluntly, releasing a statement this previous week blaming New York's anti-gun policies for Remington's move out of the state.

On March 4, 2024, the nearly 200-year-old factory in the city where Remington was founded in 1816 will be shuttered for good.

"RemArms, the current version of Remington Arms, will close its Ilion facility in early March, according to a letter the company sent union officials," noted a report from the Utica Observer-Dispatch newspaper.

"The Company expects that operations at the Ilion Facility will conclude on or about March 4, 2024. The Company did not arrive at this decision lightly," the aforementioned letter said, according to the report.

The shutdown is considered a victory for the anti-2nd Amendment Left because it is largely a consequence of lawsuits against Remington brought by parents of Sandy Hook shooting victims.

In recent years, however, the company has been burdened with financial difficulties. RemArms twice filed for bankruptcy and, in 2022, reached an historic settlement with families of Sandy Hook for a total of $73 million.

Yep, this wild legal judgment that allowed victims to sue gun manufacturers nearly bankrupted a historic American institution. If you don't remember the background of the Sandy Hook case, the aim was to make gun manufacturers responsible for crimes, which would ultimately bankrupt all gun companies or force them to leave. That, in turn, would have opened the door for every company everywhere to be sued for the criminal use of their products.

RemArm's press team acknowledges that while they are closing in New York, the company plans to expand their current operations in Georgia.

In an auto-reply email from the company's press team, the company confirmed that "RemArms is excited to expand our facilities in Georgia, a state that not only welcomes business but enthusiastically supports and welcomes companies in the firearms industry."

Remington isn't alone in moving south, away from the gun grabbers in Yankee states.

Earlier this year, Smith & Wesson, another American institution, moved out of Massachusetts and opened new headquarters in the most beautiful state, Tennessee.

Welcome to the South, gun makers! Know that you're loved down here!

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