Report: More than HALF of all new American jobs in the last 5 years are in just two states
ยท Jun 2, 2024 ยท

Of all the jobs added in the last five years, since before the pandemic, Texas and Florida are carrying the load.

Let's see, the two most conservative major US states are doing a lion's share of the work in keeping Americans employed. Who could have guessed it?

More than half of the nation's jobs created in the past five years have come in two states: Texas and Florida.They're at the forefront of a job creation revolution in which states with lower wages and a lower cost of living are gaining the highest share of new jobs, according to a new Stateline analysis of U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data.

Let that sink in. More than HALF of America's new jobs are just in two states. That's incredible.

Almost like governing conservatively means that you have better outcomes. Even when the national politics stink.

Massachusetts, New York, and California - all states that tout their "high wages" - saw themselves fall out of the top 10 of job creation states. I wonder how many "high-wage" workers decided to move to places with sane economic policies that don't take away your wages with income taxes.

Between 2014 and 2019, California gained 1.4 million new jobs โ€” more than any other state and 12 percent of the national total. But for the past five years California has been dead last in job creation, losing about 214,000 jobs. Texas moved into first place during that time, seeing almost 1.3 million new jobs, almost one-third of all new jobs created nationally.Florida was not far behind, with about 911,000 new jobs, almost 25 percent of the national total of about 4 million.

I mean, check out this map showing where the jobs are going:

Oklahoma also made a huge leap, from the 30s in the previous five-year period to a top 10 state now.

Incentives, lower taxes, reasonable housing prices, and solid conservative government.

They're miracle workers.

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