Report: Wisconsin Children's Hospital is putting radical gender theory activists in chaplain positions
· Nov 28, 2022 ·

You know the radical gender theorists are committed to their woke gender and sex religion when the priests of Wokeism are now the official "chaplains" at children's hospitals.

Kylee Griswold from the Federalist broke this wide open on Monday, documenting how Wisconsin Children's Hospital is stacking the deck of "chaplains" with groomers.

Well-meaning parents are sending their children to chaplains for spiritual guidance and instead exposing them to radical gender theory.

This "chaplain" clearly doesn't know anything about Judaism, Christianity, or other traditional religions.

But she is certainly a priestess preaching the spirit of the age.

This hospital is deceiving parents by claiming to have chaplains to spiritually advise children who are considering life-altering permanent, irreversible damage when, instead, they're simply met with "affirming" cheerleaders encouraging children to mutilate themselves.

Hot take: These cultists serve Satan.

Griswold has a full writeup in the Federalist:

"Our chaplains are trained to support and engage families of various faith and personal backgrounds in a health care setting," Brodzeller said in response to a Federalist inquiry. "They only interact with patients if specifically requested by a family. Families are also always free to seek the services of their own personal faith leader. Regarding your question about parental involvement related to care for gender diverse kids, parents and guardians are essential to all care decisions. Clear, informed consent of all parents/guardians is required before proceeding with all treatments."

But with trans activist "chaplains" like Newendorp and Trimm stacking the pediatric hospital's spiritual support bench, and a promise from Children's to "offer gender-affirming Spiritual Support to all our patients" (emphasis mine), people in the Children's community are rightly concerned.

"We have many parents and families at Children's who are deeply religious and hold traditional Judeo-Christian values. Will these new chaplains be able to serve the need of these families objectively?" the former Children's employee added. "How will they properly support a grieving parent who is dealing with a child's traumatic injury? How will they properly counsel a child who may be alone in the hospital due to a single parent working to make ends meet and maintain insurance?"

How indeed.

Is there ANY children's hospital that isn't corrupted with this gender and sexual confusion nonsense?


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