Republican Glenn Youngkin won the Virginia governor's race last night. Here's why this is a really big deal and a huge L for Democrats.
ยท ยท Nov 3, 2021 ยท

Republican Glenn Youngkin just smoked Democrat Terry McAuliffe to win the race for governor of Virginia, dealing a massive L to Biden, Dems, and wokies nationwide.

This is a state that Joe Biden won by 10 points just last year! No Republican has won any statewide election in Virginia since 2009.

That's right. The Democrats have gone so padded-wall insane under Joe Biden that everyday Virginians woke up and went "OK, nope, this isn't good, we gotta do something about this, by God" (don't they say "by God" in Virginia?) and they went out and elected a Republican for governor, turning their blue state red.

THIS IS A BIG DEAL. A few reasons why:

1.) McAuliffe had all the superstars of the Democrat Party campaigning for him.

That's right. Youngkin mostly campaigned on his own. But who did lib McAuliffe have waving his flag? Oh, none other than President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, Professional Election Loser Stacey Abrams, and yes, even the Lord and Savior of the Democratic Party Himself, Barack Hussein Obama.

Harris, Abrams, and Obama even traveled to the state to stump for him in person!


Ahem, please forgive my outburst, it just makes me happy to see those divisive hucksters and wannabe tyrants lose. Sorry! (No I'm not.)

Oh and speaking of tyrants: Virginia's state motto is Sic semper tyrannis. "Thus always to tyrants." If you know, you know.

2.) Youngkin focused on the Woke Left's insane attempted takeovers of Virginia's public schools and school boards.

And what was the result?

Election officials said turnout was high. More than 3 million voters were reported late Tuesday, with votes still being counted. About 2.6 million Virginians voted in the last gubernatorial election in 2017, state election figures show.

That's right โ€” HUGE TURNOUT! And a big fat dub for Republicans served alongside a huge steaming L for Democrats and wokies.

You've heard about all the insanity that has taken place in Loudoun County recently, yeah? Those parents who fought back are heroes and made a HUGE DIFFERENCE in this election. They really changed things. We salute you, parents. Outstanding work. And now you've gotten yourself a Republican governor!

3.) Last thing: Trump played a big part in this election โ€” by not really playing a part in this election.

Yeah, everyone has been thinking that the only way to win elections as a Republican post-Trump was to align oneself with Trump and talk about him all the time ... and maybe even talk LIKE him.

Youngkin did not do that. He pretty much didn't talk about Trump at all. He talked about specific issues facing everyday Virginians and he talked about the insane Woke Left trying to usher in Marxism and torpedo America. And he won a huge victory.

This is bad for Democrats. They want "Republican" and "Trump" to be synonymous. They want people to think Republicans are racist, bigoted Nazis. They want to be able to scream TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP ORANGE MAN BAD TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP as their argument in any political discussion.

So sorry, Dems.

Listen. This election is a lesson for all of us everyday, reasonable, freedom-loving people. The Virginians who saw insanity happening and decided to push back changed history. And now a Republican runs their state. Is crazy woke insanity happening where you are? Push back! Don't stop. Spread the word. Mobilize. And you will win too.

That is all for now. I will admit that I am allowing myself to hope that this might be the tip of the spear and that 2022 and 2024 could deliver a huge collective smackdown of the Marxist, CRT-crazy, hateful, divisive, collectivist Woke Left that has emerged in the past 5 years.

I am having a great morning.


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