Researchers create meatless fried calamari. Honestly, as long as it tastes like someone deep fried an old rubber glove, who will know the difference?
· Aug 15, 2023 ·

Even as alternative meat companies crater, the climate cult continues to push its utopian meatless agenda.

Last year we reported that Beyond Meat stock had fallen significantly off its highs.

And this year, the slide continues. The company is still losing money hand over fist with no real path to profitability. They blame special interest groups, aka farmers and ranchers, for targeting the company.

But it's not just Beyond Meat collapsing. All the meatless companies are feeling the omnivorous pain.

People like to eat meat.

But that's not going to stop the climate cult from trying to trick us into eating something less satisfying.

For example, check out these 3-D printed air-fried calamari rings:

I'm not going to lie, that looks pretty gross.

However, I really think the climate crew is on to something here. I mean, it's hard to replace the feel of your teeth tearing through barbecue.

But all you really need to replace deep-fried calamari is an old rubber glove or an O-ring from under your sink. Neither of which have meat, but would still give you the bubble-gum texture of fried calamari. Dip them in a little spicy mayo, and you're all set.

This could be the one, folks! This could be the meatless culinary monstrosity that saves the world.

Now, if you'll excuse, I'm going back to my ribs.

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