Reuters discovers every single living U.S. president is descended from slaveholders ... except for one bad orange man
· Jun 27, 2023 ·

I'm sure this turned out the way that Reuters hoped it would.

The news organization decided to a deep dive into the past, attempting to stir up even more racial tension by pointing out just how many of America's political leaders are descended from slaveholders.

Here's the summary of their report:

You'll notice, if you zoom in, which president is NOT on the list.

Who's missing? Why, it's the bad orange man!

Even Barrack Obama is descended from slaveowners on his mother's side. And, heck, if you traced it back I bet his father's side also owned African slaves at some point.

The only one with a "pure" family history according to Reuters is Donald John Trump. Remember, these people want to judge everyone based on their connection to the sins of their forefathers.

This is definitely NOT the result they were hoping for.

The entire article is a fairly disgusting attempt to try to bring up past sins of ancestors long since forgotten in order to supposedly "bridge" the racial divide in America.

But, as the article shows, revealing this history only serves as another racial wedge issue:

But if this is how we're going to do our politics now, I guess all sides should agree: Donald Trump is THE best candidate for president!

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