Rioters tracked feces throughout the Capitol and also urinated in several places
· · Jan 9, 2021 ·

Okay, I know what you're thinking…

These totally don't look like the type of people who would spread feces all over the Capitol.

They look to me like a bunch of guys with great hygiene who probably smell like roses or Burberry Cologne.

But poop they did. And they got it all over the halls at the Capitol.

According to Senator Chuck Schumer's staffers the feces seem to have first been dumped in the bathroom—you know, the usual spot for stuff like that—but then the Capitol rioters decided the poo didn't belong there anymore.


So these people, they stepped all in the poo...and then tracked it wherever they could throughout the Capitol.

Oh man...that's so gross!

And I bet it smelled REALLY bad, too.

Can you imagine having to clean that up?


The insurrectionists also urinated in several parts of the building. Some, I'm sure, used the bathroom, but many of the rioters just went wherever they wanted to.

While this is extremely disrespectful, particularly disgusting, and VERY immature, did you expect anything less from the fine humans pictured above?

Oh, there are no pictures of the "brown footsteps" as of yet, but I'm not entirely sure I even want to see them.


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