Ron DeSantis sticks it to the feds, gets life-saving Covid treatment for Florida after Biden admin restricts supply
· Sep 24, 2021 ·

Ron DeSantis and the Sunshine State are just winning and winning and winning some more.

DeSantis has defied Joe Biden's insane vax mandates at every turn, preferring that the rights of individuals and families come before the catchall phrase of "public health."

Because of that, the Biden administration announced that it would be rationing monoclonal antibody treatments – treatments that were being vilified just a month or two ago by the media because DeSantis was pushing for them.

From Daily Wire:

The move was made to apparently limit potential shortages elsewhere, though there aren't any signs of a treatment shortage. The takeover was widely criticized and even deemed an act of "partisan payback" by Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL).

Biden is literally okay with letting Floridians – the oldest population per capita in the nation – die so that he can flex the power of the federal government.

Take note of that.

The most prominent company providing the treatment is Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, which has teamed up with the federal government to pass along the treatment to Americans for free. The company said in late August that it was reaching fewer than 30% of eligible patients — and that was up big-time from its numbers in July, when Regeneron reached fewer than 5% of eligible patients.

Apparently the White House decided NOW, at THIS MOMENT, despite no widespread shortages of the drug, to cut off supply IMMEDIATELY to one of the few states pushing to use it.

So DeSantis decided he doesn't need the feds and purchased a different brand of the treatment directly from a manufacturer (also take note that this isn't allowed in the type of Marxist utopia the Left wants to install).

He also had this to say about the disciples of sCiEnCe that were critical of the antibody treatment until five minutes ago.

"If this had been kind of the standard response – someone that has any of these risk factors tests positive – that they immediately went to do it, we would have kept thousands and thousands of people out of the hospital nationwide this whole year. We would have saved tens of thousands of lives had this been there.

The first shipment of about 18,000 units will come next week. DeSantis said the state was using nearly 40,000 units a week before the Biden administration cut them off.

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