WATCH: Roseanne is back with a new stand-up special and HOO BOY does she hold nothing back
· Feb 10, 2023 ·

I guess you could say Roseanne Barr has been officially uncanceled.

[Mild Language]



Roseanne to the rest of Hollywood:

If you followed the whole Roseanne saga in 2018, it was one of the first times a comedian was canceled and unpersoned for saying the wrong things.

Here's a teaser for her return on Fox Nation:

More from The Daily Wire:

"I don't think they'll ever stop trying to come after me, particularly now that I am getting the last laugh on their a**. That's why I'm coming back. I never would have that last laugh unless I'm strong enough to stand on two feet, and although I do have to wear adult diapers while doing it, I am not ever going to stop making fun of power and its arrogance, and I don't give a f*** what color it is. I'll be there. Make the most f***ing fun of it that I can before I croak," she concluded.


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