San Bernardino County, California's fifth largest, is studying secession because of soaring crime and costs
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California's fifth largest county is getting fed up with just how horribly run their state is.

So much so that San Bernardino has voted to begin studying secession from the state of California to become its own state.

Residents of San Bernardino County, California have voted to research the possibility of secession from the state.

Voters approved a ballot measure directing officials to look into the legal realities of separating from California to establish a new state.

I still can't believe that Gavin Newsom won that recall election in California.

They're still voting for just horrible governance there. It's so bad that counties think they'd be better off just becoming their own state because of how messed up their state is.

However, it's not likely that California or the United States would let this happen ๐Ÿ‘‡

However, even with approval from voters and officials, a separation from the Golden State is a longshot proposal.

This attempt to create a new state โ€” which would be the first since Hawaii in 1959 โ€” is a proposition for the county just east of Los Angeles, which has suffered from sharp increases in cost of living. It would hinge on approval by the California State Legislature and Congress, both of which are highly unlikely.

There have been more than 220 attempts to break up California over its 172-year history, all of which have failed. Secession requires approval by Congress and the legislature.

California has always been one of the least stable states in the Union, and they've been governed poorly for decades now.

The odds of a non-Democrat winning any statewide office is becoming less and less likely even as Democrats drive the state into the ground.

The exploration of secession is a result of discomfort among the county's diverse population with a rapidly growing homelessness problem, perceived overtaxation and an inability to control crime.

While it's unlikely, it would be great to see California face a major defeat like this.

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