San Fran is finally cutting taxes … on weed shops. This will help them "compete with drug dealers."
· · Dec 6, 2021 ·

San Francisco is named after one of the most influential Christian leaders in history, so of course this makes sense:

Yes, this is a real headline!

An ordinance suspending San Francisco's Cannabis Business Tax was unanimously approved by city supervisors Tuesday.

San Francisco Supervisor Rafael Mandelman, the ordinance's author, said in a statement suspending the business tax on cannabis will help support legal cannabis retailers as they struggle to compete with illegal cannabis sellers.

Bruh. I know St. Francis liked studying nature, but methinks your namesake wouldn't approve of giving breaks to illicit-substance stores while your city burns.

Churches can be shuttered, vax mandates can be imposed on kids, an insane number of car break-ins is okay, flash-mob looting sessions are fine, but taxing weed is A STEP TOO FAR.

Illegal sellers of cannabis skirt paying those taxes and are able to offer products at a lower cost, which entices consumers to purchase their product instead of legal sellers.

Unknowingly, a media outlet just made the case for why taxes are horrible and why free-market capitalism is awesome.

KPIX News reports the tax itself was approved by voters in 2018 and imposed a 1%-5% tax on gross receipts from cannabis sales. The new ordinance suspends the business tax through December 31, 2022.

Suspending taxes on marijuana and imposing injections on little kids. Stay classy, San Fran!


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