NBC News says race is fixed from birth and can't be changed but also it's made up ... but you can't change it because it isn't real ๐Ÿฅด
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Trust the experts ๐Ÿ‘‡

People think they can change their skin color and become part of a different culture associated with that skin color? How silly! In sane nations like America, we only believe that men can be women!

The article starts with a woman who really wants to be Japanese:

Practitioners of what they call "race change to another," or RCTA, purport to be able to manifest physical changes in their appearance and even their genetics to become a different race. They tune in to subliminal videos that claim can give them an "East Asian appearance" or "Korean DNA."

But experts underscore that it is simply impossible to change your race.

There, the science is settled! The experts have spoken.

Experts like this:

"It's just belief," said Jamie Cohen, an assistant professor of cultural and media studies at Queens College, City University of New York.


Read that again slowly.

...an assistant professor of cultural and media studies

Jamie Cohen defending his very expert credentials:

The comment section for this article is hilarious, by the way.

Okay, so race is made up, so if someone wants to change it, there's no problem, right? I mean, I'd get fired from Fortune 500 companies if I misgendered a trans person who believes he's a woman.

Experts agree race is not genetic. But they contend that even though race is a cultural construct, it is impossible to change your race because of the systemic inequalities inherent to being born into a certain race.

David Freund, a historian of race and politics and an associate professor at the University of Maryland, College Park, corroborates the idea that a "biological race" does not exist. What we know today as "race" is a combination of inherited characteristics and cultural traditions passed down through generations, he said.

See, if people could just identify as any category they want, then racism wouldn't be a thing and we can't have that ๐Ÿ‘‡

Kevin Nadal, a professor of psychology at City University of New York, said: "There is a privilege in being able to change your race or to say that you're changing your race. There are many people who would be unable to ever change their race. Particularly, Black people in this country would be unable to say all of a sudden โ€˜I'm white' and be treated with the same privileges that white people have."

Wow! Imagine that! The horror!

How could guys like Ibram X. Kendi and Al Sharpton make money if there wasn't anything to grift??

But it gets better. NBC tries to explain why identifying with slight variances in genetic appearance is different than pretending a man with 7 trillion cells coded with XY chromosomes is a woman:

RCTA and transracialism โ€” which came to the forefront because of controversial figures like Rachel Dolezal โ€” have been compared to being transgender. However, psychologists and activists push back against comparisons.

Tiq Milan, a Black transgender activist and writer, said it is a disservice to transgender people to compare the two. Race historically emerged as a social construct to establish a racial hierarchy with the white race at the top, whereas variances in gender identity have existed for thousands of years, he said.

Translation: White people invented racism so shut up.

Some psychologists say people's inclination to change their race can stem from many motivations, including a desire to be more "exotic" or shame associated with their race, but the specific motivations can vary from person to person.

See, if you observe someone like the young woman featured in this article, who is dressing like a Manga cartoon to be "Japanese," it's okay to admit that she might have some kind of mental instability.

But as to why a man would want to dress like a woman, especially men with a sexual interest in children, we have no clue. Stop asking questions!

Just imagine how NBC News would be destroyed if they ended an article addressing the trans fad with this advice:

Nadal gave a few words of advice to people who are struggling with their racial identity.

"I would say the same thing that I would say to somebody who's struggling with any part of their identity," Nadal said. "Talk about what it is that makes you want to change that part of you."

The trans cult:

Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon is here to sum it all up for you:

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