Scarlett Johansson is ranting about women in Hollywood being underpaid due to sexism (she made $56M in 2019)
· Jul 12, 2021 ·

Black Widow herself thinks women are underpaid in Hollywood. Why? Well, sexism, of course.

"As a woman, you have to be [your own ally] all the time," Scarlett Johansson said. "Because we are underminded, and underserved, and under-appreciated, and underpaid."

Johansson's comments are expected, but still ridiculous, considering she makes more money than most MEN in Hollywood and is worth $165M. This isn't the first time Johansson said something like this.

"I think every woman has (been underpaid)," Johansson said in 2016.

"But unless I'm addressing it as a larger problem, for me to talk about my own personal experience with it feels a little obnoxious. It's part of a larger conversation about feminism in general."

With $56 million in 2019, Johansson was reportedly the highest-paid actress in Hollywood.

And it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out why she makes that much.

"I am very fortunate, I make a really good living, and I'm proud to be an actress who's making as much as many of my male peers at this stage," she said.

The problem with these mythical "gender wage gap" claims is that they completely ignore the factors as to why money is allocated the way it is in each respective industry.

But, guess what? You're not allowed to consider those things, because Scarlett Johansson says those are reasons "basically masquerading as sexism."

"There was always these little key terms, like, ‘bankability,' and ‘box office draw,'" Johansson said.

"Those are all terms that are basically masquerading as sexism. It never had anything to do with those things. And if there ever was, it was also part of this systemic issue that a woman could not be as bankable or have a box office draw."

Look... I'm not going to pretend like I know how the movie industry works.

For example, I'm not sure why we need NINE Fast & Furious movies (and counting), but there's a pretty simple explanation as to why we do have nine of them. They make a lot of money. That's pretty much it.

I also don't have a sophisticated reason as to why Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is somehow simultaneously starring in multiple movies every time I go to the theater, but I think there's a pretty simple explanation for it. The studios trust that he can make them more money than other actors.

The same is true with Scarlett Johansson.

So, I'd say ScarJo's comments make about as much sense as that one hyper-cringe scene in "X-Men: Dark Phoenix."

Mystique womansplains to Professor X that the X-Men should be renamed to "X-Women" because "the women are always saving the men."

Ironically, Mystique said this only minutes after Quicksilver and Nightcrawler (both men) saved everyone... And while we're on the topic of Dark Phoenix, let me just say whoever was involved in making that movie was not paid too little, but TOO MUCH.


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