Sen. Gillibrand tried redefining "infrastructure" to justify Biden's $2 trillion spending spree and got absolutely ROASTED 😂

Apr 7th

Once upon a time (Wednesday), a leftist NY senator tried redefining a word to fit her political goals:

Screen shot for when she deletes and honestly just so you can read it again and marvel at its stupidity 😂

Think about how obtuse these types of tweets are. Here, she's basically saying that "infrastructure" means whatever in the heck she wants it to mean to justify Biden spending trillions of dollars.

Notice "infrastructure" will never mean "protecting the unborn," "second amendment rights" or "secure borders."

Fortunately for us, we don't just have to sit here shaking our head at this ridiculousness. The internet absolutely raked Gillibrand over the coals for this stupidity:



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