Shocker: Bloomberg's criticism of anti-trafficking movie "Sound of Freedom" written by "Minor Attracted Persons" advocate who defends pedophilia
· Jul 18, 2023 ·

"Sound of Freedom is a right-wing QAnon conspiracy movie" is officially the opinion of a pedophile.

Many mainstream media outlets have been piling on the movie "Sound of Freedom," which is based on a true story of human trafficking, and calling it conspiracy for alt-right boomers.

One such outlet was Bloomberg:

Anyways, here are some totally unrelated pieces this same dude has written:


Noah Berlatsky is a pedophile apologist who thinks that MAPs (minor-attracted persons) are unfairly stigmatized because they want to rape kids and who are we to say that's wrong?

A former NBC contributor who served as a spokesperson for pro-pedophile organization Prostasia has harsh words for new anti-child trafficking film "Sound of Freedom..."

For Berlatsky, who became the spokesperson for Prostasia in 2021, "Sound of Freedom" is a "QAnon dog whistle" that does "little to help victims" who are portrayed "as innocent and sympathetic as possible."

Is it his contention that most kids who are pimped out to pedophiles aren't sympathetic? He wants us to have sympathy for the pedos while treating the kids as if they have agency.

This guy is really, really gross.

His analysis of the film and excusing the child-sex slave trade is horrendously shocking:

Berlatsky has written about child-trafficking, saying that the term "trafficking" itself is misleading. He writes that it "conflates underage people trading sex, consensual sex work, immigration and all kinds of labor exploitation in industries." In his Bloomberg piece on the film, he continues to make that claim.

I don't even understand how this creep can make the argument that any "sex work" is truly consensual. Especially with women and children being bought and sold AND with many involved being underage.

But that's the goal: Downplay the seriousness of sexual slavery.

"Anti-trafficking experts," he writes, "have also argued that the film's presentation of trafficking is misleading." He cites statistics that "67% of the children who are sexually trafficked are 15 to 17 years old rather than young children. In 41% of the cases, a family member was involved."

"Behind those numbers," he writes, "are often stories of addiction, disowned LGBTQ+ people and trading sex on the street to survive."

There's NOTHING in the movie that contends that everyone being sex trafficked is EXACTLY like what we see in the movie, kids being taken off the street, etc. However, this DOES happen. And it happens a lot. Just because 67% of kids trafficked are older teenagers doesn't mean that their life isn't valuable. They're still underage. And that leaves 33% who are younger than 15.

That's a HORRIFIC scenario. Why the heck downplay it unless you're totally fine with it? Do y'all see how evil this is?

I know that it's obvious, but I'm gonna go ahead and tap the sign:

Go watch Sound of Freedom. Stand up against the pedos of the world.

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