Oregon School starts "Queer & Sexuality Alliance" club for ELEMENTARY KIDS; no parental consent required
· · Jan 22, 2022 · NottheBee.com

You might want to review your local school's club offerings these days...

Raleigh Hills Elementary School of the Beaverton School District (BSD) in Oregon announced in early January the launch of its new "Queer & Sexuality Alliance" (QSA) club. The club will "have conversations about identity, gender, equal rights, and social issues," "explore LGBTQ+ activism," and "advocate for change in our school and community," the Daily Wire reports.

...sounds like the lamest brainwashing club ever...

Yes, this is an ELEMENTARY school. These kids are age 10 and under.

When the club was presented to fourth-grade students, social worker Amanda Cook passed around a sign-up sheet to the students. Every student signed the sheet, except one boy who told Cook he could not join without his parents' knowledge. Cook told the boy he did not need his parents' permission. Fifth-grade students also told the boy he would be "missing out" in front of the class.

Thankfully, the boy never signed it. When he got home, he told his parents, "I ain't signing no contract with the Devil!"


"I'm not homophobic, but this just isn't right," said the boy's mom, told the Daily Wire. "This stuff needs to be taught at home. There is a bigger picture here. This isn't just a bunch of kids wanting to get together and start a club. Why would the school target fourth and fifth graders?"

"To be pushing anything outside of education, I feel like this has become their religion," the boy's father said. "It really feels like perverts that want to pervert our kids. As young as they can."

A school board meeting earlier this month featured other parents who criticized the QSA club.

The district administrators and teachers remain steadfast in their support of the club.

BSD Superintendent Don Grotting issued a statement supporting the club on Friday. He also said the parents who "questioned" the club used "charged and hurtful language" and that "[s]ome offered misinformation" in a school board meeting.

Jessica Pierce, a Beaverton Education Association (BSA) teachers union representative and administrator said "QSA is here to stay."

"We have a moral and ethical responsibility to move beyond vague statements of tolerance and take direct actions that show we embrace ALL of who our children are, including their gender and sexuality identities," wrote Pierce. "It is never too early [to] do this work. Never. The elementary level QSA offers ALL RHS 4th and 5th grade kids the voluntary opportunity to connect with each other from positions of dignity and respect."

By the way, that boy's mom told the Daily Wire "she is a liberal" and that she doesn't think the club is student-initiated, contrary to Beaverton School District's claim.

District communications obtained by the Daily Wire indicate plans for the club "as early as November 2021":

In an email sent from the account of district outreach specialist Gretchen Mollers for the Office of Equity & Inclusion, a member of the district's legal counsel team told Cook that "[p]arental permission is not required for participation in student groups in general."

So... there's reason number 50 billion for why you need to get your kid(s) out of reach from these absolutely insane (and demonic) government schools.

Speaking of that...


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