Snopes was so desperate to prove a bird didn't poop on Biden that they actually wrote this 🤣
· Apr 13, 2022 ·

Guys, I'm dying over here.


You know this is gonna be good.

See, Biden spoke last night on national TV about destroying our cars with ethanol (instead of letting gas companies make more cheap fuel to sell us), and in the middle of his speech, a bird totally pooped on him.

But the "fact-checkers" at Snopes couldn't let that embarrassing fact slide. No one poops on our Supreme Leader and gets away with it!!

Right up front, they show their hand:

There you have it. Snopes cannot prove it wasn't bird poop.

But that's not gonna stop them from trying!

Let's consider the evidence.

White House representatives said it was corn – you know, because Biden was standing next to a pile of corn that will be destroying your car engine and the environment a month from now.

The White House Says ‘Corn'

Shortly after this video went viral, White House communications director Kate Bedingfield posted a message on Twitter stating that it was corn, not bird poop, that fell on Biden's shoulder.

Also, the White House has never ever lied about anything and has zero motivation to make Biden look good, so the bird argument might be dead. Sad!

Here's Snopes' other evidence: They looked really hard at that poop and determined it's too yellow to be poop.

For real!


We examined photographs from Reuters, The Associated Press, and Getty Images to get a closer look at this corn/bird poop. Upon closer examination, the "bird poop" appears to be somewhat yellowish in color (like corn) and looks more like dust (i.e., from corn processing) than a liquid (i.e., bird poop).


Golly, I wish I had the wisdom of these esteemed fact-checkers.

After all, everyone knows bird poop is always black and white. It never takes on the color of what birds eat, what with their fibrous diet and the characteristics of their relatively simple digestive tract.

There's noooo way a bird inside a giant corn mill would be eating said corn, or that the bird's feces might look like corn. No way, José. We're done here!

Snopes even admitted there were birds all over the venue:

While there were birds in the "giant barn" where Biden spoke...

There you have it.

I'm not saying it couldn't have been splatter from distiller's grain, but my goodness, someone should have turned off the feed coming from the silo while the president was talking.

Because it looked exactly like a bird pooped on him while he was making excuses for the insane inflation happening under his watch.

And the fact that the White House and Snopes have to pull out all the stops to say "NUH-UH" makes it way more sus and way bigger of a story than if they just played it cool!

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