So... Canadian politicians are now wandering around naked on Parliament video calls

Apr 15th

Y'all okay up there in Canada?

The member of parliament was a Quebec representative named William Amos, who said he was changing out of his gym clothes.

Bro, we're over a year into the insane world we've created in reaction to the Rona. Have you not learned yet that it's a bad idea to walk in front of a computer camera without pants??

If you're a member of a national government, please, for the love of everything good on God's green earth – shut your computer lid or buy a $20 webcam with a privacy shutter!

The best reaction was from another member of parliament:

"It may be necessary to remind the members, especially the male ones, that a tie and jacket are obligatory, but so are a shirt, boxer shorts, or pants. We have seen that the member is in great physical shape, but I think members should be reminded to be careful and control the camera well."


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