Here's a Berkeley professor openly admitting that Marxism is the foundation for Critical Race Theory

Oct 20th

I hate calling everything communism, but this is communism:

Let's unpack this mouthful of words in this clip from this lecture with Dr. Zeus Leonardo.

Dr. Leonardo talks about how CRT was made a buzzword by Trump and other rightwing political leaders, then talks about who is "afraid" of conversations on race.

In this clip, he starts with this statement:

CRT research is just satisfied with describing the world as it is, but it is about intervening in that world.

This is also known as "evangelism," or sharing your religious faith with other people to shift moral norms and people's understanding of God and each other. Critical Race Theory is one "denomination" of the Marxist "religion."

Not dissimilar to what Marx just said, that philosophy has hitherto only described society, the point is to change it.

Marx certainly had a hypothesis for how society should be changed.

Remind me: How well has that gone in every country where it's ever been tried? Should we dig up a few of the 100 million people directly killed through communism to ask them how well that experiment went?

Dr. Leonardo continues:

Now I step into Marxism, which is a a second critical framework for understanding race. This is one that many people arguably aren't used to, because correctly speaking, most people understand Marxism as understanding analysis, or critical analysis, of class. But Marxist theories of racism do offer fundamental challenges to race thinking and race thought, where they argue that race in quotation marks here, is unavoidably caught in a reification of what is at heart, an ideological or made-up concept.

What does he mean by this? Well, let's look further at the slide he's talking about here:

In short, within a Marxist framework a critical study of race is not a study of race at all but an analysis of class antagonism found within capitalism, which gives rise to the reality of racial division that is not caused by racist structures per se.

Translation: Critical Race Theory is about class warfare seen through the lens of skin color.

Conclusion: Capitalism must be abolished in order to solve racism.

The problem with this thinking is the same as it always has been. Marxists see that the world is rightly broken and think the only way to eradicate sin is to change human nature at the point of a gun... and that they somehow will be better than the bloody tyrants who washed the world red with blood throughout the 20th century in the name of the "greater good."

Karl Marx was and remains history's biggest clown.

I'll let Jordan Peterson play me out:

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