Take a brain break inside this miniature home and meet the cat who lives there
· Apr 16, 2024 · NottheBee.com

Yo, this guy's gotta have a lot of time on his hands to put together something like this. A full-on miniature house for animals which is connected to a pet store of some sort, presumably in China.

This video recently went viral. Check out the clip and then we'll examine the rooms afterwards.



Okay, now that is awesome!!

Let's first answer the most important question of the day: How is this tour filmed?

If you look at the reflection in the elevator here, you'll see some sort of rolling Wall-E robot hangin out there doing camera work. Some nice sound effects create the "footsteps."

See it?

Pretty cool if you ask me.

And pretty cute when that dog heads back upstairs via the elevator.

Now let's look at some of these rooms.

First, the apartment, which, of course, belongs to the cat. Cats run the world, so they get the best space in the home.

Check out that living room:

Now, how about that nice little dungeon the little rodent here is living in.

I call it a dungeon because that's exactly what it is. There's no getting out of there if you're the rodent.

Proof right here:

The rodent when it comes up the stairs:

Like I said, no escape.

And did you notice the Roomba in the spider's room?

Bro went all out!

Now let's take the full tour of El Gato's apartment, courtesy of this fine young gentleman:

Super cute!

Well, I hope my editor is okay with me heading to Home Depot for the rest of the day. My cat is getting pretty tired of my boring basement.

Find more of this guy's videos here.

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