Trans activists stormed the Oklahoma State Capitol yesterday, but for some reason you haven't heard about it from the media
ยท Feb 7, 2023 ยท

Move over January 6th! Make way for February 6th!

You may have missed this one yesterday, but a group of violent leftists trampled all over Democratic norms and stormed and occupied the Oklahoma State Capitol because they want to mutilate kids.

I was told that protesting inside a capitol building and overwhelming security was a violent insurrection. I wonder why this hasn't made mainstream news?

Here's the video from Oklahoma City:

A group of radical lefties occupied Oklahoma's capitol and chanted "Trans Lives Matter" because they are in favor of kids being mutilated by sadistic doctors because they were confused about their gender.

To be fair, a Google search did find ONE sort of mainstream article, from Newsweek.

Here's the headline: Trans Rights Protesters Occupying Oklahoma Capitol Building Sparks Debate

Yes. A debate has been sparked. There's no violent insurrection. There's no end to democracy. Now that Democrats are doing the storming, there seems to be room for debate.

The protest comes in response to Senate Bill 129 โ€” which would ban gender reassignment surgery for those under 26 years of age โ€” and Senate Bill 122, which would prohibit people under the age of 18 from undergoing medical treatment for gender reassignment. Both bills were introduced by Republican state senators.

Ahh yes, the peaceful protest. A hallmark of leftism.

Here's the statement from Governor Kevin Stitt at yesterday's State of the State that started the whole conflagration:

Here's Oklahoma's Governor Kevin Stitt standing against the crowd outside and standing in defense of children in his State of the State address yesterday:

Then the protestors came into the capitol, causing havoc and making a scene.

Here's some thoughts from Sweet Daddy Walsh:

Truly, it is bizarre and disgusting that this protest would break out over the supposed right of children and young adults without fully developed brains to permanently mutilate their sexual organs.

The Left has taken this worship of self to such an insane place.

Honestly, I hate to play the game, but can you IMAGINE if this was a right-wing group protesting abortion in California or New York? It would 100% be January 6th all over again.

People would be in jail from now until kingdom come.

But this happened yesterday and no one noticed.

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