New study says trans people who are unhappy with sex change surgery are actually suffering from "internalized transphobia" 🤡
· Jan 13, 2023 ·

Well, THIS is a level of crazy I hadn't even imagined we could reach.

A new study from the Netherlands purports to show that transgender people who undergo sex change surgeries and then are unhappy with the results – you know, nonfunctioning sex organs and permanent disfigurement – they're suffering from "internalized transphobia."

They were pro-trans enough to get their private parts hacked into pieces, but when things don't look how they hoped or were led to believe, then they're transphobic.

From The Daily Caller:

A new study out of the Netherlands claimed "internalized transphobia" caused transgender patients' mental health issues and argued that their dissatisfaction with medical procedures was the result of outside pressure to conform to gender stereotypes.

The Dec. 28 study investigated an apparent contradiction in the transgender medical field: that despite the common assertion that cross-sex medical procedures improve patients' mental health, many patients report continued mental struggles after these procedures. Researchers said stress, stigma and "internalized transphobia" caused the issues and examined patients' different ways of coping.

Did you hear that Chloe Cole and other detransitioners?

You aren't filled with regret because the entire idea that changing your sex is possible is a flat-out lie!

No, you just have deeply embedded hatred of transgender people in your heart!

(What a joke.)

The study was published in MDPI Healthcare, a medical journal which, according to its website, is peer-reviewed.

Some patients reported being dissatisfied with surgical and medical outcomes, explaining that they did not actually look like the opposite sex, didn't like the way they looked or felt uncomfortable with the changes to their bodies, but researchers blamed this dissatisfaction on patients' "high expectations."

"Participants frequently mentioned having maladaptive cognitions concerning gender and transition, which included having stereotypical images of men/women, focusing on gender-incongruent characteristics and experiencing internalized transphobia," the study read. "When participants were mainly focused on gender-incongruent characteristics they were not easily satisfied with the results of the treatments, leading to increased chances of reporting negative emotions, discomfort and/or requesting re-operations and surgical corrections."

These people are being lied to. But now the cult will cast you out of society for not acting like this butchery is the best thing that's ever happened to you.

What a time to be alive.


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