Study suggests 12% of Americans, mostly men, are eating half the nation's beef, but it's complete garbage and I'll tell you why
· Sep 1, 2023 ·

Ever since AOC's office accidentally leaked the details of the Green New Deal in 2019, the cow has been out of the bag that the Left intends to take beef off the menu.

Of course, there's nothing that will make people crazier than loss aversion.

All the threats to take beef away have just increased beef demand.

A new study out of Tulane University wants us to believe that if we just focused on getting 12% of the population under control, we could cut that beef consumption in half.

Who are these twelve percent?

Mostly men and people over 50.

How did the researchers single out this group? They're the only people that consumed more than 4 ounces of beef on the day of the study.

4 ounces of beef.

That's one Quarter Pounder from McDonalds or half a steak at your local steakhouse.

And they picked this number because they say the USDA recommends sticking to less than 4 oz of protein per day.

In the DGA, the "Healthy US-Style Dietary Pattern" for a 2200 kcal level recommends 4 oz eq/d for all meats, poultry, and egg products combined, so we considered an amount above this threshold from just beef alone to be disproportionate.

However, the USDA only recommends that level of protein intake for 2-3 year olds.

Which already throws this study's whole premise to the wind.

On top of that, they only studied participants of the USDA's new dieting program called My Plate, and only on one day of the program.

To sum it up, the researchers want us to believe that because 12% of people (mostly men and elderly people) on a government diet program ate more beef than a 2-year old, 50% of the nation's beef consumption comes from that 12%.

And those people must be stopped to save the climate!!!

The thing that hurts me the most is that I'm almost certain some of my tax dollars went to fund this garbage.

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