Supply shortages are pushing restaurants to use more chicken thighs and here's why that's probably the first positive thing about this crisis

Jan 3rd

You might be wondering, has anything good come out of the Biden supply-chain crisis?

Well folks, I'm pleased to announce that, yes, it has:

Short supplies and escalating costs of chicken breasts and wings are leading restaurants to add thighs and other dark poultry meat to menus and entrees.

Long overshadowed by more-coveted and profitable products like breasts and tenders, less-loved portions like thighs and legs have for years been directed toward export markets and lower-profile venues. Amid a national supply crunch that has doubled breast meat prices in 2021, sent wing markets to record levels and left some suppliers short on both, thighs have fresh appeal for meat companies and restaurant operators.

Does that sound like a dreadful scenario?

No, no, I say to you:

Here is a little-known secret: The thigh is the best part of the chicken.

I mean, look, are you gonna go wrong with any part of the chicken? No. It's chicken! It's all delicious.

But the thigh is the superlative cut of the chicken.

  • It's rich, juicy, tender, and highly flavorful.
  • It's great with or without the bone.
  • It's what the chefs call "idiot-proof" in that it's quite difficult to overcook.

Overall, it's the all-around workhorse of the chicken (okay, maybe not the best turn of phrase, but you get it).

If you haven't yet been introduced to the wonders of the chicken thigh, you should be excited. Go out to a restaurant and enjoy the revelatory experience!

Oh, and be sure to write to the White House and thank Joe Biden for the ongoing supply crisis!


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