Take a peek under the Orwellian hood with this clip of dozens of oBjEcTiVe media outlets literally reading the EXACT SAME SCRIPT telling you what to believe
· Nov 14, 2020 · NottheBee.com

I have a fair number of people in my life that wonder why I get so irked by our nation's media. In the last decade, millions of us have seen how biased and Orwellian the media machine is, and how it wields its power and influence to control the lives and futures of so many.

But no matter how often I discuss the rampant partisanship in newsrooms, the one-sided daily attacks on conservatives, the narrative pushing, and the language manipulation, there are millions of Americans who still trust the media establishment. Many of them just voted for Joe Biden because said establishment has spent four years saying Donald Trump is an Orange Hitler and a threat to democracy.

I often encourage people to look for trigger phrases such as "threat to democracy" to see the media's bias. Who do they overwhelmingly attach such labels to? What do they mean by the phrase? How do they want you, the viewer or reader, to feel?

It's easy to take aim at the talking heads at CNN and MSNBC, and even my most left-leaning acquaintances usually understand there's "some" bias on those national shows.

But what about their local news? Surely they can be trusted, right? Surely they wouldn't read from some Orwellian Big Brother's script to get you to distrust something, right?

If anyone is in doubt, show them this haunting clip this holiday season. There's a new nightmare before Christmas in town.

Remember: alternative news sites like Not The Bee are DANGEROUS. If you read just one of our stories, you'll likely become Alex Jones and start spouting off about alien frogs and lizard people.

Or perhaps those in power - the media elites and their political allies - don't want to lose their control over you.

You decide (because here at Not The Bee, you can).

Oh, one last thing:


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